Week 1, Day 2 – Tuesday

Today in the morning, I focused on learning more about the MI business by reading and watching videos in the portal. I also went to the new building with my colleague. In the new building, we visited the building and have a drink in the lounge, while chatting about the new building. On the way, I realised that one of my classmate’s internship workplace (Fe077) is just opposite my workplace (Fe070), and so I decided to go and explore a bit more of Fe077.

After lunch, I had the Stand-up meeting, where we had to talk about what we did last week, what are we going to do next week and any other important news to share. Since I’m only here yesterday, I only introduced myself and answered questions related to me.

When I returned from the meeting to my desk, I found out that I got my Bosch e-mail address (Nicole.Ho@de.bosch.com) and my Skype account is ready that I can use for business. Then in the afternoon, I meet up with a Bosch colleague to talk about the IT solution management for the Bosch employees. This consists of 6 solution namely: Client workplace, Mobile solution, Provide unified communication solution, Collaboration space, Workfloor solution and Storage solution.


This is my working desk in the that I will be working at during this 2 weeks internship –


This is the lounge that is located in the new building –



One thought on “Week 1, Day 2 – Tuesday

  1. Hi Nicole! It looks like you are having a great time so far. I am impressed you have your own desk! 🙂 It is also good to hear you have been able to speak in front of colleagues in a meeting, and are practicing your conversation and introduction skills. I will be interested to hear what you find challenging after the rest of the week! Good luck 🙂


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