Week 1, Day 3 – Wednesday

Today morning, I went onto the corporate portal and watched some videos more about Bosch and the CI department. After that, I was given a task by my supervisor to briefly correct a document for the ISO 9001 audit, which is next Tuesday (20 June).

During the afternoon, my supervisor introduced me about “Skype for Business” SfB in short, and how SfB is used in meetings. I learnt that we can do many things in SfB such as: ,Voice call, instant messaging, sharing of documents and desktop screen etc. Not long after, I have to attend a worldwide conference Joint-Venture companies meeting online using Skype together with other colleagues. I am amazed that how people from all around the world can connect together in the same conference and also understand better why SfB is so important to all of us.

When the meeting ended, I was given a task to modify some contents of an “Operation Manual” document.  As I’m not able to finish the document changes by the time my work ended, I’ve to continue it on Friday, since tomorrow is a public holiday in Southern Germany at Baden Wurttemberg.


This is when I am in the middle of attending a worldwide conference meeting –



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