Week 1, Day 5 – Friday

Today, I continue to modify the contents of the “Operation Manual” document, that I’ve not finish on Wednesday. After that, I was attached to an intern student and we talked about what I will be doing next week, since I will be going to the customer place at Korntal.

After the meeting with the intern student, she sent me a powerpoint for me to read through. From the powerpoint I know more about the project now that I will be working on. The SG project is a “carve-out” project, where Robert Bosch is selling away the “Starter Motor and Generator” division to another company.  This is a large scale project that involve more than 100 project team members with more than 12 sub-projects. I am really excited to be able to involve in the project and looking forward to work in Korntal next week with the intern student.


This canteen where we used to eat everyday, but it is empty today because today is the “Bridging Day” and almost no one is working.


This is the block (Fe 077) opposite my block (Fe070) that I am working in. Good bye Feuerbach, because I will be moving to work in Korntal next week.



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