Week 2, Day 1 – Monday

Today, I went to the Feuerbach office to pick up my laptop and charger and proceed to the Korntal office. We took the S6 train to Korntal station and walk about 10 minutes to the office.

When I reach there, the intern student briefly introduced the office to me, then I was given 2 powerpoints by the intern student to go through to better understand about the project that I will be doing in Korntal this week.

In the afternoon, I help the colleague with an authorization work, where I have to summarise the different authorization roles in each application systems on a excel document. Not too long after, I have to attend an international conference meeting, where they discuss about 2 points namely: Fileshare migration and Printer management. They also discussed about updates made in the projects since last meeting. The meeting consisted of 9 people (including me and the intern student) and it was a new experience for me, because this is my first time attending a conference meeting in a physical meeting room and meeting the different colleagues.


This is the Korntal office that I will be working at with the intern student and other colleagues from Korntal.



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