Week 2, Day 3 – Wednesday

Today, I returned back to the Feuerbach office and will be working there for the next two days, because I had a meeting with my supervisor and also to meet the vice president and secretary of MI.

For most of the day, I focused mainly to continue working on the “Application authorization list” and was also able to meet other colleagues throughout the day. They are really helpful and kind to me and I like the working life in Feuerbach so far.


One thought on “Week 2, Day 3 – Wednesday

  1. Wow, Nicole! It sounds like you are learning a lot about all the different aspects of the Bosch business. I love all the photos that show what you are doing, and it is great to se you writing so much about your days.

    I am really impressed with how much you are working on real projects, and being involved with team meetings. It seems that all those team work/collaborative skills we do in school are really important for you on projects such as the ones you describe.

    I am looking forward to hearing your presentation next week! Good luck for the next few days! 🙂


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