General Reflection

General Impression:

Over the course of this internship, I learned that my job is to mainly work on the “Application authorization list” and know about the projects and departments. For example, I learnt that IT solution management consists of 6 solutions namely: Client workplace, Mobile solution, Provide unified communication solution, Collaboration space, Workfloor solution and Storage solution.

I also learned that I am able to learn new things fast, because I am really interested and enthusiastic in the work given to me. I am also able to follow instructions correctly and complete the tasks given to me on time.

Over the course of the two weeks internship, I was given a sense of accomplishment by the confidence I had, the environment of the company and also the colleagues.

This is a job that I would definitely want to have in my future, because it fits my interest, which is working on the computer, especially Information Technology (IT).

Overall Experience:

I can use the experience I made and the skills I acquired during the internship for getting into the job in the future.

The work life is similar to the school life because there are tasks to do every day and has to be handed in on time. There are also colleagues and a supervisor that could help with problems during the working process.

However the difference is that the working life everyone treat you as an adult, with respect. You are also required to plan out the time to complete the tasks given during the limited time before the due dates.


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