General Reflection

General Impression:

Over the course of this internship, I learned that my job is to mainly work on the “Application authorization list” and know about the projects and departments. For example, I learnt that IT solution management consists of 6 solutions namely: Client workplace, Mobile solution, Provide unified communication solution, Collaboration space, Workfloor solution and Storage solution.

I also learned that I am able to learn new things fast, because I am really interested and enthusiastic in the work given to me. I am also able to follow instructions correctly and complete the tasks given to me on time.

Over the course of the two weeks internship, I was given a sense of accomplishment by the confidence I had, the environment of the company and also the colleagues.

This is a job that I would definitely want to have in my future, because it fits my interest, which is working on the computer, especially Information Technology (IT).

Overall Experience:

I can use the experience I made and the skills I acquired during the internship for getting into the job in the future.

The work life is similar to the school life because there are tasks to do every day and has to be handed in on time. There are also colleagues and a supervisor that could help with problems during the working process.

However the difference is that the working life everyone treat you as an adult, with respect. You are also required to plan out the time to complete the tasks given during the limited time before the due dates.


Week 2, Day 5 – Friday

Today, I focused mainly to continue working on the “Application authorization list”. In the afternoon, I went to meet with my supervisor to let him fill-up the forms, that is due by the end of the internship. He praised me by saying that I was a really enthusiastic student and was able to follow instruction to complete the tasks. I have a strong understanding and was never later or absent during the internship.

Since today is my last day, I had to return everything to how it was in the beginning and was sad that I am going to miss the colleagues, especially those who helped me the most during the last two weeks, but was also glad that I was able to learn lots of new things and to also have a new experience during the internship. It will be one of my most unforgettable memories in my life.

Week 2, Day 3 – Wednesday

Today, I returned back to the Feuerbach office and will be working there for the next two days, because I had a meeting with my supervisor and also to meet the vice president and secretary of MI.

For most of the day, I focused mainly to continue working on the “Application authorization list” and was also able to meet other colleagues throughout the day. They are really helpful and kind to me and I like the working life in Feuerbach so far.

Week 2, Day 2 – Tuesday

Today, I continue to work on the “Application authorization list”. The task is to compile a list of authorization roles of all the software applications used in a “Joint Venture” company. This is compile from the authorization report and is over 9000++ lines and takes many weeks to complete it.

Authorization is giving access for a person into a software. I experienced this once before, where I was not able to access the VPM system, even though I have a Bosch computer, ID and password. Later, a colleague added my name and other information into the Microsoft EPM system to give me access to the VPM system.

From this, I leant that a company have so many software application with such a complex authorization matrix.

Week 2, Day 1 – Monday

Today, I went to the Feuerbach office to pick up my laptop and charger and proceed to the Korntal office. We took the S6 train to Korntal station and walk about 10 minutes to the office.

When I reach there, the intern student briefly introduced the office to me, then I was given 2 powerpoints by the intern student to go through to better understand about the project that I will be doing in Korntal this week.

In the afternoon, I help the colleague with an authorization work, where I have to summarise the different authorization roles in each application systems on a excel document. Not too long after, I have to attend an international conference meeting, where they discuss about 2 points namely: Fileshare migration and Printer management. They also discussed about updates made in the projects since last meeting. The meeting consisted of 9 people (including me and the intern student) and it was a new experience for me, because this is my first time attending a conference meeting in a physical meeting room and meeting the different colleagues.


This is the Korntal office that I will be working at with the intern student and other colleagues from Korntal.


Week 1, Day 5 – Friday

Today, I continue to modify the contents of the “Operation Manual” document, that I’ve not finish on Wednesday. After that, I was attached to an intern student and we talked about what I will be doing next week, since I will be going to the customer place at Korntal.

After the meeting with the intern student, she sent me a powerpoint for me to read through. From the powerpoint I know more about the project now that I will be working on. The SG project is a “carve-out” project, where Robert Bosch is selling away the “Starter Motor and Generator” division to another company.  This is a large scale project that involve more than 100 project team members with more than 12 sub-projects. I am really excited to be able to involve in the project and looking forward to work in Korntal next week with the intern student.


This canteen where we used to eat everyday, but it is empty today because today is the “Bridging Day” and almost no one is working.


This is the block (Fe 077) opposite my block (Fe070) that I am working in. Good bye Feuerbach, because I will be moving to work in Korntal next week.


Week 1, Day 3 – Wednesday

Today morning, I went onto the corporate portal and watched some videos more about Bosch and the CI department. After that, I was given a task by my supervisor to briefly correct a document for the ISO 9001 audit, which is next Tuesday (20 June).

During the afternoon, my supervisor introduced me about “Skype for Business” SfB in short, and how SfB is used in meetings. I learnt that we can do many things in SfB such as: ,Voice call, instant messaging, sharing of documents and desktop screen etc. Not long after, I have to attend a worldwide conference Joint-Venture companies meeting online using Skype together with other colleagues. I am amazed that how people from all around the world can connect together in the same conference and also understand better why SfB is so important to all of us.

When the meeting ended, I was given a task to modify some contents of an “Operation Manual” document.  As I’m not able to finish the document changes by the time my work ended, I’ve to continue it on Friday, since tomorrow is a public holiday in Southern Germany at Baden Wurttemberg.


This is when I am in the middle of attending a worldwide conference meeting –


Week 1, Day 2 – Tuesday

Today in the morning, I focused on learning more about the MI business by reading and watching videos in the portal. I also went to the new building with my colleague. In the new building, we visited the building and have a drink in the lounge, while chatting about the new building. On the way, I realised that one of my classmate’s internship workplace (Fe077) is just opposite my workplace (Fe070), and so I decided to go and explore a bit more of Fe077.

After lunch, I had the Stand-up meeting, where we had to talk about what we did last week, what are we going to do next week and any other important news to share. Since I’m only here yesterday, I only introduced myself and answered questions related to me.

When I returned from the meeting to my desk, I found out that I got my Bosch e-mail address ( and my Skype account is ready that I can use for business. Then in the afternoon, I meet up with a Bosch colleague to talk about the IT solution management for the Bosch employees. This consists of 6 solution namely: Client workplace, Mobile solution, Provide unified communication solution, Collaboration space, Workfloor solution and Storage solution.


This is my working desk in the that I will be working at during this 2 weeks internship –


This is the lounge that is located in the new building –